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Ironic, isn’t it? Just as I quit this blog I begin another one–a blog about People Who Quit. Judging from the title you may surmise I’m going to blog about folks who quit smoking. Well, no that’s not it. Or you may think I’m going to blog about delinquents, losers, and other unsavory society. Not true either. In fact, very opposite from the truth.

I’ve had more than one discussion with friends and family about people who pursue their passion and make a lucrative career of it. Or, at least they make a fulfilling, purpose driven career of their passion. Whenever I discuss this I find myself as well as others lamenting our own jobs. You see we’re not ungrateful, we just lack true passion for what we do. That doesn’t make us bad at our current job but we can’t help but wonder what it would be like to seek, find and pursue our passion(s) within a career.

Finally, instead of just guessing what  makes fabulous risk takers different than people like me I decided to start a project. I’ll start by seeking an interview with them then blogging about it. Pretty simple, right?

The main purpose of the blog will be to seek truth and hopefully learn from it. But, you know I can’t change my ways. I’ll still be blogging about life events, food, projects and providing examples of misguided creativity. Really, I can’t help myself.

Please, check out my new blog, People Who Quit and subscribe if you’d like. I invite and appreciate your comments.

Oh, and thanks for reading this blog. It was random, it was fun and I appreciate you checking it out.


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A few of my favorite people claim they are “uncreative”. Though they are on my list of favored folks, when they say this, they are liars. God does not create people who can’t create. Simply put, it wouldn’t make sense. So, I am challenging everyone to try something creative. It could be basic, cooking a new recipe, designing your Christmas card, taking a photography class, learning (and using) Photoshop.

Some of my favorite ways to create or get in touch with my creative side include writing, listening to music or seeing an art exhibition. I’m a horrific drawer and I habitually made straight C’s in my design classes but I can sew (sort of), cook (most of the time) and write (at least for basic communication).

Here are some fun (and creative) ways to get funky with your inner creative side: http://indiefixx.com/2009/11/16/10-things-10-ways-to-be-everyday-creative/

Back2U: What are some creative activities you enjoy? How do you get in touch with your creative side?

Kandinsky: Inspiration for your creative response.

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Have you ever known someone who’s truly crafty? You know, the kind of person who makes things. Maybe it’s jewelry or socks or curtains or hair bows. Whatever it is, this individual probably leaves you feeling inspired and a bit lazy. Because, if you don’t make things, you wonder how in the world someone has the time to do it.  This is the exactly how I feel about my sister-in-law, Kristi. Kristi makes things. She knits, crochets, sews and probably makes her own soap (or aspires to). And, as long as she sticks to store bought deodorant, I’m thinking her hobbies are pretty cool. Her latest creation includes a store on etsy.com.

Etsy is a place where crafty people converge. A watering hole (if you will) for the folksy, artsy, hippies, design-freaks and shopaholics. On etsy.com you’ll find some of the coolest (and most odd) items including an entire section of purely handmade stuff. Now, simply because it’s homemade, does not mean it’s in good taste. Some of this stuff is straight-up strange but most of it totally tickles my fancy. Kristi’s stuff is in the latter category.

Check out Kristi’s etsy site: http://www.etsy.com/shop/sugarandcaffeine

Kristi makes baby hats which can be made for bigger adult heads too. At some point, she plans to expand her store. So, if you like what she does, check back periodically to see the latest. Or, feel free to contact her. She likes yarn and people too.  

Kristi's baby hat (not her baby)

Kristi baby hat 2

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Each year, Oopsiehubby and I are dinged by Austin City Limits. We receive an e-mail telling us: “Come to our festival. You know you want to.” Once we receive the message, we debate whether we’re getting too old to stand in the rain, sit in the mud or take the abuse of the heat and sun to hear exceptional live music. Perhaps due to our brain cells dulling with time, each year we’ve decided “what the hey” and purchased our three day ticket. What can we say? We’re suckers for live music by artists like Ben Harper (my favorite), Phoenix and Pearl Jam.

This year, on Friday, the weather was decent. Saturday, the heavens opened and unleashed their vengeance in the form of steady, wet droplets soaking my pants. It rained so hard that even my umbrella leaked. (That was fun.) Sunday, we were rewarded with hot heat and a sunburn. The ground was covered in thick mud with similar consistency and smell to diarrhea. Nevertheless, we rocked on. A recap of our ACL fest adventure:

For us, ACL Fest represents a chance to prove "we still got it"...whatever "it" is. For us, ACL Fest represents a chance to prove “we still got it”…whatever “it” is. 
Oopsiehubby and Oopsiegal banded and ready to rock out. Oopsiehubby and Oopsiegal banded and ready to rock out. 
The second day, I was forced to sneak a bag of kettle pop corn under my poncho. And, I looked pregnant. The second day, I was forced to sneak a bag of kettle pop corn under my poncho. And, I looked pregnant. 
Oopsiehubby enjoying the fruits of my labor. Oopsiehubby enjoying the fruits of my labor. 
Yeah, they're back! Jammin' to the B52's. Yeah, they’re back! Jammin’ to the B52’s. 
Ben Harper: Whether you're with Relentless or the Criminals you rock! Ben Harper: Whether you’re with Relentless or the Criminals you rock! 
Oopsiegal sitting innocently next to a mob of muddy hippies. One sunburnt Oopsiegal sits next to a mob of muddy hippies. 
Heads or tails? ACL provides some of the best people/fashion watching. Heads or tails? ACL provides some of the best people/fashion watching. 

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Cheers! It’s Friday!

Don’t pass the beer, the hooch or blueberry flavored wine. Pass me a vintage cocktail– like an old fashioned or gin gimlet. It’s Friday!!!!

To make an old fashioned, you’ll need a few items. First, and foremost, bring on the good quality Bourbon. Maker’s Mark and Knob Creek are two of my favorites. Next, be sure to have an orange, lemon, jarred cherries (you know, the unnatural looking ones), sugar cubes and bitters. Some people make their OF with soda– I forego it for regular water (about 2 oz). Start by placing a sugar cube, bitters, splash of water and cherry in your glass. Mix until the sugar dissolves. Cut a slice of orange and lemon peel then “mull” the ingredients with the back of a spoon to release the fruit flavors. Add  ice, then bourbon (about 2 oz). Yum! You’ll have a wonderful bourbon drink with a tastey, fruity undertone. Now, celebrate, ’cause it’s Friday. 

To start, ingredients include bourbon, bitters, one cherry, sugar cube, orange and lemon.

To start, ingredients include bourbon, bitters, one cherry, sugar cube, orange and lemon.

Place cherry in the glass, add orange and lemon peel.

Place cherry in the glass, add orange and lemon peel.

Cheers! Happy Friday!

Cheers! Happy Friday!

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After organizing my messiness, Mother Hen decided to head back to Austin. You could say she was flying the coup (hardy, har). We decided to grab breakfast at Buffalo Grill before she left. BGrill is breakfast comfort food– perhaps less buttery than Paula Deen’s recipes but certainly just as harty. After standing in line and placing our order, we sat outside in the 80 degree November weather.

Talking like the old friends we are, Mother Hen leaned across the table to whisper these words “I think that’s Dwight from The Office”. My ears took in the information, computed it and threw it back in disbelief. No. Way. My heart leapt out of my chest, time slowed as I turned my head in the direction of Dwight’s table. It looked like him. I started to sweat. My ears became twice their original size like some claymation freak-show as I strained to hear his voice. It sounded like him. Without staring directly at his table where three others sat, I continued to glance in his direction, wondering, hoping and simultaneously dreading it would be him.

The remainder of our breakfast was consumed with conversation about whether or not that was indeed THE DWIGHT from The Office. Mother Hen said she felt comfortable approaching him for a photograph. Typically, MH is the more reserved of the two of us. In this case, I could barely form the words “yes, I would love a photograph” in response to her statement much less approach THE DWIGHT. Leaving the restaurant, MH stopped at the table and asked for a photo while I began convulsing like a maniac. Though I looked like a nearly-thirty, wannabe tween fanatic, Dwight was really cool.  And, for me, this is just another reason to enjoy and celebrate fall’s greatest television line-up.

The Office: Began Thursday, September 17.

30 Rock: Starts this week. Same night, same place as Office. Possibly one of the funniest shows ever!

So you think you can dance: Known to fans as SYTYCD, the show started two weeks ago! Tune in on Wednesdays from 7-8 central.

Community: A most recent favorite starring the dude from The Soup. Great stuff! Find it on NBC, Thursday nights sandwiched between The Office and 30 Rock.

Mother Hen, THE DWIGHT, and Oopsiegal share a big embrace. Dwight, you complete our TV lineup.

Mother Hen, THE DWIGHT, and Oopsiegal share a big embrace. Dwight, you complete our TV lineup.

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A month ago, mom assigned a book project. The idea was to read Julie & Julia  and, after reading it, see the movie and eat French food at Chez Nous. We did both this weekend and had a great time. Here’s a sequence of events in pictures: 

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